FEMOZ Policy Briefs

FEMOZ Policy Briefs

The applied research of the FEMOZ project is intended to support political decision-makers in their strategic discussions. This endeavour is supported by various project measures. An important product for this is the policy briefs, which summarise the most important research results in a concise form and formulate concrete recommendations.

Policy briefs on various research areas of the project can be found under the following links:

  1. Policy Brief 03/2023 - New method for analysing FNS indicators to classify acute food insecurity (in Portuguese)
  2. Policy Brief 03/2023 - Why do we eat what we eat? The influence of food desirability and convenience on diet (in Portuguese)
  3. Policy Brief 11/2023 - Challenges of Interinstitutional Coordination to Strengthen Food and Nutrition Security in the Context of Disasters (in Portuguese)
  4. Policy Brief 10/2023 - Policies for Promoting Healthy Food Environments in Mozambique: Challenges for consumer information and protection (in Portuguese)
  5. Policy Brief 03/2023 - Importance of Data when Analyzing Food Environments (in English and in Portuguese).