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PANCs: what are they, what is their value?

NUCs: what are they and what is their value?


Neglected-Underutilized Crop Species (NUCs) are foods that can be eaten, but few people do so because society is unaware of this possibility, which is why they are given this name. They are plants that can be eaten as a whole, or parts of them, and generally belong to the categories of: roots, tubers, bulbs, leaves, flowers or seeds, which are used for consumption purposes, or which, after preparation, are consumable (Terra & Viera, 2019).

Food Insecurity in Mozambique

Food Insecurity in Mozambique


In Mozambique several studies were carried out to assess the Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) situation, namely: (i) Demographic and Health Survey (IDS), (ii) Household Budget Survey (IOF), (iii) Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS), (iv) FNS baseline study, (v) Annual Food and Nutrition Security Assessments. The first four surveys measure Chronic Food and Nutrition Insecurity (Chronic FNSN), while the annual assessments measure Acute Food and Nutrition Insecurity (Acute FNSN) (MASA 2023).

Food and Nutrition Policy Workshop

Workshops on the verification of food and nutrition policies in Mozambique in Maputo (September 2023)


FEMOZ is conducting an analysis of the impacts of food and nutrition policies in Mozambique regarding various sectors and approaches. The methodological framework for this study is the “Food Environment Policy Index”, developed by the INFORMAS (1) network and applied in 56 countries worldwide.

FEMOZ Symposium 2023

FEMOZ Symposium "Rural Food Environments: Challenges to achieving greater food and nutrition security”


As part of the XII Scientific Conference of the Eduardo Mondlane University, the FEMOZ symposium presented results and challenges regarding the improvement of Food Environments for achieving greater food and nutrition security in Mozambique.

erKaRi DAAD Summer School

Food Security in the Context of Climate Change: concepts, tools and practices – DAAD Summer School


The erKaRi Summer School took place at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo, Mozambique in September 2023

FEMOZ stakeholder workshop 2023

Workshop on “Developing partnerships and establishing a network of actors around native foods (Neglected-Underutilised Species) for food security in Mozambique”


On September 18th to September 19th FEMOZ organised a workshop in Macaneta, district of Marracuene, Maputo, with project partners, stakeholders, and its local focal points of the project districts Ribáuè, Búzi, and Moamba.

Launch of the Master's in food and nutrition security in the Context of Climate Change

Launch of the Master's in food and nutrition security in the Context of Climate Change


The Rovuma University officially inaugurated the postgraduate activities along with the FEMOZ partners

FEMOZ Neglected and Underutilised Species Linked Open Online Courses (LOOCs)

FEMOZ Neglected and Underutilised Species Linked Open Online Courses (LOOCs)


Material on Neglected and Underutilised Species (NUS) is set to be further scientifically and practically developed

FEMOZ international conference 2024

FEMOZ international conference 2024


The international conference on rural food environments organised in Maputo aims to provide knowledge exchange and productive discussions on the characteristics and challenges of rural food environments of the Global South while also seeking to explore innovative ideas to strengthen their resilience. The conference is aimed at interested researchers, practitioners and students from various disciplines in the fields of food and nutrition security.

DAAD Summer School 2023

DAAD Summer School 2023


The DAAD erKaRi 2023 Summer School will focus on food security in a changing climate context through concepts, tools and practice.