FEMOZ Symposium "Rural Food Environments: Challenges to achieving greater food and nutrition security”

FEMOZ Symposium 2023

As part of the XII Scientific Conference of the Eduardo Mondlane University, the FEMOZ symposium presented results and challenges regarding the improvement of Food Environments for achieving greater food and nutrition security in Mozambique.

In the context of the FEMOZ project, the symposium for “Rural Food Environments: Challenges to achieving greater food and nutrition security” took place in Maputo, Mozambique on September 20th to September 21st, 2023. This event sought to share knowledge, expertise and experiences of different actors of academy, civil society and politic related to food environments, and their contribution to food security and nutrition (FSN).

The two-day event had several communications such as:

  • The classification of food insecurity in Rural Areas of Mozambique: Moamba, Ribaue and Buzi (by Dr. Rui Pedroso from TH Köln, Prof. Dr. Samuel Quive, MSc. Ivo Cumbana, MSc. Luisa Mutisse, MSc. Adérito Machava from the University Eduardo Mondlane, UEM)
  • National food and nutritional security, and the challenges that arise from climate change (by Dr. Claudia Lopes from the Mozambican Government Technical Secretariat for Food Security and Nutrition, SETSAN)
  • Food environments and policy framework: contributing to the persistent marginalisation of food sovereignty (by Dr. Mariam Abbas from The Rural Environment Observatory, OMR)
  • Fighting for food in “isolated” districts of Maputo (case studies) (by Dr. Ezquiel Abrahamo and Prof. Dr. Ines Raimundo from UEM)
  • Socio-economic factors associated with food safety in the livestock sector in Maputo (by Prof. Dr. Carlos Cuinhane from UEM and Prof. Dr. Muriel Figuié from the French Centre for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development, CIRAD).

For more information, please refer to the Symposium Brochure, with the full programme and the abstracts presented.

Moreover, the importance of Neglected and Underutilised Species (NUS) was discussed across several presentations, as a way of supporting and re-valorising native species in local production systems and consumption.

Finally, the next FEMOZ event was officially launched: the International Conference on Rural Food Environments, that will take place on February 14th to February 15th of 2024 in Maputo, Mozambique.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Picture 1: Prof. Dr. Samuel Quive (UEM).
Picture 2: From left to right: Dr. Rui Pedroso (TH Köln), Claudia Lopes (SETSAN), Prof. Dr. Luis Artur (UEM), MSc. Ivo Cumbana, MSc. Orlando Jalane.
Picture 3: From left to right: Prof. Dr. Samuel Quive (UEM), Dr. Mariam Abbas (OMR), Dr. Karin Fiege (TH Köln), MSc. Christine Bohn (FFG).
Picture 4: MSc. Adérito Machava (UEM).
Picture 5: Dr. Mariam Abbas (OMR).
Picture 6: MSc. Matthias Schmidt (FFG).
Picture 7: Dr. Ezquiel Abrahamo (EUM).
Picture 8: Prof. Dr. Carlos Cuinhane (UEM).
Picture 9: Prof. Dr. Muriel Figuié (CIRAD).
Picture 10: Attendees.