FEMOZ Field Visits!

FEMOZ Field Visits!

The FEMOZ team is in Mozambique! After some time in Maputo at the UEM, we have traveled to Moamba, one of FEMOZ case-study regions, where we had some first impressions of the local food markets.

On the 30th of September FEMOZ Team was a guest at Secretariado Técnico de Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional (SETSAN). FEMOZ partners have expressed the project's interest in collaborating with SETSAN to improve food environments and food security in Mozambique. SETSAN's Executive Secretary, Celmira da Silva reinforced the institution's support to the FEMOZ project and described SETSAN's main challenges to ensure food security in Mozambique and their expectations concerning the FEMOZ outputs.

FEMOZ Team continued to visit its partners. This time, the FEMOZ team was received by the INGD Vice-President Belém Monteiro. During the meeting, Belém Monteiro reiterated INGD willingness to cooperate and put his local representatives at the disposal of FEMOZ in the districts. The meeting took place at CENOE (Operative Center of Emergency) on the 1st of October, 2021.

On the 1st of October, 2021, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Amália Alexandre Uamusse welcomed the ITT’s director Prof. Sabine Schlüter and the FEMOZ team at UEM. During the FEMOZ visit, Prof. Dr. Amália congratulated the partners for their innovative Living Lab approach and pointed out some of important aspects of the FEMOZ research.

FEMOZ Team visits the District of Ribaue, in the Province of Nampula to meet local authorities and start the collaboration that antecedes our field surveys on farm-household production diversity, diet diversity, the food value chain analysis and rural markets assessment. In the fotos, and from the FEMOZ project, we can see Erik Engel (FFG), Rui Pedroso (ITT), and Ivo Cumbana (UEM).

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